Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

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Kizzy tagged me in the 6 Things About You thing, so here are some THINGS:

  1. When I was 13 I landed ribs fist on the top of a hockey stick and sadly as a result I have a poor wee rib that will never quite heal, it only hurts if it gets poked/when I do excessive giggling
  2. If I had been born a boy my name would have been Felix or Leo cause my Dad likes cats an awful lot
  3. I won a muthafudging blue Peter Badge for a picture I did of William Shakespeare, hells yeah
  4. I still don’t like eating black jelly babies because my Dad told me they were poisonous when I was very small and for some reason I still have the fear
  5. I also have an irrational fear of wild mushrooms after watching an episode of Midsommer Murders when I was off ill from school in like P4 where they were used to do several MURDERS
  6. One time I milked a goat, I was pretty good at it

I would like to tag scribbilydinkx, badwine-andlemoncake, and afaultinreality cause they are all babes.

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It makes me sad that you can’t lie down with glasses on, I want to be a comfy bean.