Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

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grhmdvs tote bags are an excellent shout :) I am also determined to make a tie dye duvet cover but I’ll start with pillow cases first I think!

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Going into town for lunch with my fellow craft lady Emma and we’re going fabric/dye shopping for out joint tie dye venture! Holla if there are any particular items you’d like to see us tie dye, we’re very much open to suggestions.

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Assorted dreams from last night:

  • I went to a My Chemical Romance concert at The Venue (tiny bar/club in Dumfries) and Gerard Way gave me his jacket and I swooned a bit
  • Was back at primary school and thought I saw a rhino but it turned out to be a large Persian cat
  • Dreamt I was on the Great British Bake Off, I made excellent brownies but it was weird because we all had to bake in silence and however much we stirred there was always excess flour

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